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ACRC is be posting a blog to spotlight recommended articles from all ranks of our scientific community. We request anyone and everyone to submit an article they find of particular interest including but not limited to original research, technique papers or reviews. Selected articles links will be posted and opened for comment from our community in hopes of creating a collegial dialogue.

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Past Articles

  • December 2016 – Elucidation of transcriptome-wide microRNA binding sites in human cardiac tissues by Ago2 HITS-CLIP. Ryan M. Spengler, Xiaoming Zhang, Congsheng Cheng, Jared M. McLendon, Jessica M. Skeie, Frances L. Johnson, Beverly L. Davidson and Ryan L. Boudreau. Nucleic Acids Research. 2016, Vol.44, No. 15 doi 10.1093|narlgkw640