Iowa Physiological Society Awards 2017

During the recent Iowa Physiological Society meeting in Iowa City, IA, undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows were given to the opportunity to present their research utilizing posters and a short oral presentation format called “Minute to Win It”. Below is the complete list of winners from the competition including ACRC T-32 Training Fellows and trainees affiliated with ACRC member labs (denoted with yellow-heart-little).

Undergraduate Student Award

  • Christopher Sidwell (Mentor: Harald Stauss yellow-heart-little) Oral Presentation entitled “Chronic Vagal Nerve Stimulation Diminishes Aortic Inflammation in an Animal Model of Severe Hypertension”
  • Benjamin Mardis (Drake University)

Graduate Student Awards

  • Lucas BonDurant (Mentor: Matthew Potthoff yellow-heart-little) Oral Presentation entitled “Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Acutely Enhances Insulin Sensitivity through Adipose Tissue”
  • Rachel Luehrs (Mentor: Gary Pierce yellow-heart-little) Oral Presentation entitled “Carotid Artery Stiffness is Associated with CT-Measured Lung Air-Trapping in COPD Patients Independent of Age, Blood Pressure and Smoking History”
  • Sharon Idiga (Mentor: Matthew Potthoff yellow-heart-little) Poster Presentation entitled “Novel endocrine circuit regulating sugar satiety”
  • Ahmed Aladham (Des Moines University)

Postdoctoral Fellow Awards

  • Po Hien Ear (Mentor: Charles Brenner yellow-heart-little) Oral Presentation entitled “Novel mechanisms of nicotinamide riboside in old mice”
  • Colleen Johnson (Mentor: Chad Grueter yellow-heart-little) Poster Presentation entitled “Med12 is an essential, early regulator of adipogenesis”
  • Masashi Mukoda (Mentor: Curt Sigmund yellow-heart-little) Poster Presentation entitled “RhoBTB1, a Novel PPARG Target Gene, Rescues Hypertension and Vascular Dysfunction caused by PPARG Dysfunction”


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