ACRC/School of Life Sciences Visiting Student Research Scholars – Spring 2017

ACRC/School of Life Sciences Visiting Student Research Scholars Program is a program designed to enhance collaboration between the School of Life Sciences in Hamburg, Germany and the Abboud Cardiovascular Research Center labs by hosting a School of Life Science Student. Students gain experience in practical aspects of the lab and experience another culture. Iowa teams get exposure to interesting German students that diversify and enhance your lab. Students will rotate on a 4-month term. Below are the current School of Life Science Visiting Student Research Scholars.

AnnaAnna Maria Busch

University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: Rajan Sah

Background: Since I have taken scientific subjects like physics, chemistry and biology for the first time, I started to see and think differently. Everything is so much more interesting from a scientific view point. So after I finished my A-Levels, I realized I need to improve my knowledge in these fields, so I enrolled in the School of Life Science which provides everything that I was looking for. Just to name a few examples, subjects like microbiology or biochemistry and a good balance between theory and practice. Besides that, the School of Life Science is a subsidiary company of the well known University Hospital in Hamburg called UKE – Universitäts Klinikum Eppendorf. That and a few more reasons led me to my decision to apply to that school.

How I came to Iowa: Basically I wanted to come to the University of Iowa because I always wanted to spend time abroad and my first choice would always have been America. I informed myself about the university by looking up the website and brows around a little bit or talking to my schoolmates that already have been here. Also I saw some annual videos on youtube and that convinced me even more that the UI is the right decision. There were many things showed beside the subjects of study that impressed me much, like the history of the university and free activities on campus.
All in all I can say it was the right thing to do and I am glad to be able to experience this lifestyle and work.

Why I chose the Sah Lab: I chose the Sah lab because I wanted to work with an international team and also learn the techniques this lab offered. As I am really interested in all areas of his research. Previous School of Life Science Students who rotated in Dr. Sah`s lab had highly recommended his lab to me in terms of learning the techniques to do some independent little projects or to help other lab members.  I can tell what they meant, there is a nice, friendly atmosphere in the lab that makes work easy and fun. I am doing my best and enjoy the experience in Dr. Sah`s lab.

Henning Kasch

University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: London Lab

Background: I was always interested in biology and chemistry, but it’s a very wide field of studies so I decided to do this apprenticeship first to get familiar with the field of study before I get more specialized by studying in this direction.

How I came to Iowa:  I’ve always wanted to visit the USA and this was the perfect opportunity to combine my urge to travel, see the world, and bringing my studies forward. The University of Iowa, known for its research sector, happens to be a partner to my school in Germany. The only smart move from my point of view was to go abroad in my first rotation of Internships to get to know the culture here in the USA. I’m glad for this opportunity and hope to make some improvements to my spoken English as well as my lab techniques.

Why I chose the London Lab: I chose the London Lab because its research is about the heart, one of the most important organs in our body. I already had the theoretical view of the heart in class, so it was time to get to know the heart from the view of a laboratory. This lab is also promising to teach me new methods that I’ll need for my further studies.

Past Scholar Profiles

For More Information about the program or to have your lab participate please contact.

Abboud Cardiovascular Research Center

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