ACRC/School of Life Sciences Visiting Student Research Scholars – Winter 2017

ACRC/School of Life Sciences Visiting Student Research Scholars Program is a program designed to enhance collaboration between the School of Life Sciences in Hamburg, Germany and the Abboud Cardiovascular Research Center labs by hosting a School of Life Science Student.  Students gain experience in practical aspects of the lab and experience another culture. Iowa teams get exposure to interesting German students that diversify and enhance your lab. Students will rotate on a 4-month term.  Below are the current School of Life Science Visiting Student Research Scholars.


Lena Fleckenstein


University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: Rajan Sah


During high school I became really interested in Biology and Chemistry. So I decided to become a biological-technical Assistant and to work in a research laboratory. After I passed my A-levels I moved to Hamburg and started my education at the School of Life Science.

Why I came to Iowa:

I was sure that I would like to go to the University of Iowa, a known as a world leader in research, when I was given the opportunity to do a four month internship in the laboratory of Rajan Sah. During the presentation of the different ACRC laboratories at the University of Iowa, I was really interested in the opportunity to work in the Sah’s lab. After I emailed with Rajan about my lab duties during the time in Iowa City, my decision was made ” I really want to work in Sah lab”.

Since may arrival in  Iowa City I recognize how much the University offers, besides a huge cardiovascular research center there are lots of leisure activities you could join in. All in all the the University of Iowa has everything I was looking for.


Inga Klusmann

Email: :

University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: Isabella Grumbach


Since my Parents are both Scientists, i have always been interested in natural Sciences. After I finished high school, I wasn’t sure what to study, so I decided to join the School of Life Science Hamburg first and learn to be a biological technical assistant. While gaining experience in cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology, I got a better overview on the field which interested me most. Today I am sure what I want to study (Medicine or Biomedicine) and my Internship at the University of Iowa definitely helped me a lot!

Why I came to Iowa:

I decided to go to the University of Iowa, because I always wanted to cross the Atlantic at least once in my life. Being here for 4 months gives me enough time to explore American culture and recover from the jet lag. Apart from that, most labs in Germany as well are strongly international influenced, so it is nice to have some experience in English lab communication. Iowa City is also a nice place to go- it is not that big you will get lost easily, but there is a lot to see and explore and the multicultural community makes me feel  at home. In addition, I am very interested in clinical based research, I was very  enthusiastic to join the Grumbach lab. For me the research topics are easy to understand and it is a nice experience to get a look into more disease related research like asthma and diabetes.


Jannik Proff


University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: Kaikobad Irani


I have been interested in biology and chemistry since my earliest high school days. When I finished school I knew that I would love to pursue this field of study. However, I did not want to go to university right away, so I decided to join the School of Life Science for a two-year apprenticeship before I would start studying.

Why I came to Iowa:

Before I applied for my job training as a biological-technological assistant I knew that I would love to go abroad. Furthermore I wanted to improve my english skills, but also live and work in a totally new environment because this would give me the opportunity to see new people and learn more about a new culture. All these criteria combined with the fact, that the University of Iowa ranks as one of the best public universities in the United States while having hundreds of interesting research projects to choose from, made me want to go to Iowa City. The Irani lab has provided a great opportunity to expand my research skills into cardiovascular disease. Despite great progress in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, this still remains a research topic with a lot of unanswered questions and also a huge variety of different diseases still waiting for treatment. This is why I wanted to get into cardiovascular research and learn more about this specific topic.


Theis Ibs von Seht


University of Iowa – ACRC Lab: Chad Grueter


Since I have always been interested in science, attending to the School of Life Science was a great opportunity to deepen my biology and chemistry knowledge and prepare myself for university level biology. Also, being given the opportunity to work in laboratories all over the world was something I did not want to miss.

Why I came to Iowa:

I searched for an opportunity to visit new parts of the world and to improve my English skills. Iowa had the American culture I always wanted to experience not to mention the world known research. The University of Iowa  was beyond question where I would go. In my two previous laboratories, I worked with blood diseases like Leukemia and helped neuroscientists in fundamental research on the Hippocampus. The Grueter lab with the Mediator complex being the main field of research seemed to complement my one year experience in biological research perfectly.

Past Scholar Profiles

For More Information about the program or to have your lab participate please contact.

Abboud Cardiovascular Research Center

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